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Discover what it takes to compete in college & earn scholarships for esports. We will ensure that no matter where you are at, you will get recruited and play your esport in college! 

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When it comes to training your skills and education, repetition is the key for success. Nobody goes to the gym once time and expects immediate results. It takes deliberation and guidance to ensure you are staying on track. Become a member now to make sure you're on the right track to optimize your esports scholarships!

Video Game Developers
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Membership options

Membersip Options
  • Submission to our coaching network

  • Personalized evaluation session

  • Monthly coaching sessions

  • Professional portfolio building

  • Exclusive community access

Annual Recruit
solo queue
  • Self-Guided Path

  • Premium esports recruitment guides

  • Esports starter kit

  • Unlimited access to new content

  • Limited listing in College Database

  • Scholarship information material

  • Recruitment Orientation

  • Free Recruitment Assessment 

  • Professional Portfolio Workshop

  • Limited community access

access the vault and solo queue your esports scholarship journey
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Our Clients Say

"Coach Sam helped me reach out and connect with coaches I would never have been able to meet without his help. I can now live my dream in college and play on an Esports team because of him and I am thankful for that. I highly recommend coach Sam as an esports coach and recruiter!"

Noah C. - 2024 graduate from San Jose, CA

commit to success

Each membership plan is my offer to help you succeed in this process. I believe that in order to succeed, you need to start with a commitment. Selecting any of our membership packages is your first step towards committing to a ongoing relationship and foundation for your future success in the esports scholarships and recruitment process. 

If you are ready to commit to one of our plan options or need more information, please contact us below!

unlock your offers

Find out how many real, college offers you can get by leveraging your love for esports for scholarship and other recruitment opportunities.

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