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my background & accomplishments

sam smith




Manhattan, Kansas

I became a Wildcat in 2015. I remember the absolute bliss I felt when I saw that our school had an esports club. Back in 2015, things were extremely grassroots. We were forced to play on school computers in the bottom floor of our communications building.

Wichita, Kansas

This is when I started PC gaming. Gaming was a great social opportunity with grade school friends, and it was one of the things I felt I was actually talented at.

sam smith talent acquisition ceo


Manhattan, Kansas

Somewhere along the way in 2018, I decided to step away from playing competitively to give myself an opportunity to start coaching. When I became the president of our esports club in 2018, I worked closely with our officers to start a yearly LAN tournament where we invite other colleges around the midwest to come and compete.


Manhattan, Kansas

Pictured to the right is our team winning the 2019 Annual Heartland Community Showdown. Winning this tournament and defending our house was a moment I will never forget.


Fast forward a few years and I gained a crucial position working at one of the largest recruiting companies in the business, NCSA. I was treated so well by the people in the company and felt a genuine connection to my clients who all wanted the same thing I did growing up - competing in esports while gaining a valuable college education.


Denton, Texas

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