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college esport scholarships

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This is the home for high school students or their parents who want to get the most out of college scholarship offers.


Find out how we can maximize offers your recruiting journey.  

what we do

We are a professional esports recruitment network that offers quality connections and coaching to Student-Athletes wanting to compete in college esports.


Our goal is to get you recruited to a college that fits your goals and future career path!​

For a preview of our business and why you should get involved, watch the video to the left.

esports recruitment expertise


We know esports recruitment better than anyone else. I've worked with hundreds of families that have gone on to find the right college for esports, with an average of $4,000 in esports scholarship offers.

Check out my "About Me" page to learn about my history in esports and talent recruitment!


Unleash your potential

Whether you are ready to engage in esports recruitment or need some more help,
we've got you covered.

Expert Guidance

We have multiple years of experience in coaching and getting students recruited

College Networking

We work with over 100+ Colleges that are looking to recruit new talent


We help you discover the right colleges for you & actively promote you

how are we different?


Every family has different goals in mind when it comes to recruitment. Some might need assistance when it comes to your gameplay - some might need help learning how to write emails to college coaches.

Wherever you are at, our guarantee to our clients is that everything in this process is personalized

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We are pioneers in the industry of esports recruiting. While there are other companies that offer sports recruitment or general advice, we are the first guided service for esports!


We don't just do general education, or general coaching, or general career advancement -- we do it all!

Having to go to multiple businesses to try and fulfill your needs is both tiresome and expensive. Use of our services will grant you peace of mind and save you time & money.

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years of experience

You should have no doubts about the credibility of any professional you choose to work with.

I have real-world experience working for the largest recruiting company in the world, NCSA. Here are some of the main accolades I achieved during my time at NCSA.

  • responsible for Training and educating over 100 clients
  • Earned over $100k collectively in esports scholarships for my clients
  • Client college offer and scholarship approval rating of over 90%
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Our Clients Say

"Coach Sam helped me reach out and connect with coaches I would never have been able to meet without his help. I can now live my dream in college and play on an Esports team because of him and I am thankful for that. I highly recommend coach Sam as an esports coach and recruiter!"

Noah C. - 2024 graduate from San Jose, CA


Get in Touch

If you are ready to begin your esports college scholarship journey go ahead and book a call with the button below:

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